Patient Reviews and Testimonials

“I cannot express how grateful I am to this pharmacy for their amazing services and incredibly kind and helpful workers. Amanda has been just wonderful to me with keeping me up-to-date with all of my medications. The free delivery has literally saved my life because with no car to get my medications every monthly, I would not be able to take and manage my medications the way I am able to because of this pharmacy. Thank you is not enough for what you do for people like me that have had such difficult times in the past with management of our medications. You help those of us who are completely capable of helping ourselves all the time.” -Victoria Castellon

“As my body changed as I hit menopause, I knew I needed to look into hormone replacement. By selecting HRT, I knew I was getting a customized replacement that dialed in to my specific needs, and manage my mood swings and weight.”
–Linda R

“Your willingness to assist her with her medications while she lived at Bella Vista allowed her to remain in independent living much longer than she otherwise would have. For that, I am truly thankful. I am glad you were there, it made a huge difference, and I sincerely appreciate it.” –Larry M.

” I went in for a quick fix to a migraine, and had a conversation with my pharmacist and my doctor to see what management solutions are out there for the long term. I was impressed what could happen all under one roof.” –Mike C.

“Great place. Can highly recommend both the clinic and the pharmacy. Since my primary care’s office staff often won’t answer the phone or even take/relay a message when I do get through, I’ve been using Sona Care Clinic more and more for primary care as they are there, efficient and caring. (The Urgent Care on Biltmore Road almost killed me once. Avoid them!) The pharmacy prices are much lower than the chain drugstores. Pharmacists are very helpful, too, steering their patients toward cheaper drug options and explaining any side-effects.”

“I’ve never had a pharmacist who knows my name and my medications, who is genuinely my champion, who works with my family and me to stay healthy.”
–Stephanie, Accountant + Yogi

“I don’t know many people who say, “I love my pharmacy,” but I really love you guys. You are so responsive and helpful, I’m very grateful for all of you.” -Kate

“I’ve been a Sona customer for ten years and am very thankful to have found them. They greet me by name, are friendly, are glad to work out individual issues, and are very quick. I’ve never waited more than 10 minutes for a prescription. Their new location is convenient, the store is beautiful, and the drive through a nice bonus.”
-Kate Lalor

BEST BUSINESS I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH!!!!!! If you live in east Asheville and don’t use this pharmacy you are missing out! The first time I transferred my prescriptions there they sent a hand written thank you note. They deliver for free. They have a Keurig machine with free coffee for guests. They use text notifications and will call me if they see I’ve put in an order for one Px but not another that is due soon so I can get them both at once. Once I had a struggle getting there to pick up because of my work schedule. They offered delivery, and long story short, they let me come in late to accommodate me. I cannot say enough good things about these people. I will never use a big corporate pharmacy again as long as I can use Blue Ridge Pharmacy! Please support wonderful local businesses like this one! Exemplary customer service! –Julie B., Clyde, NC

They are a great local Pharmacy especially for those without a vehicle as they do offer free even same day delivery generally after 2 pm til 10 pm. They will also deliver OTC MEDICATIONS Such as Benadryl or Aspirin Name Brand or Generic. All at no charge sometimes they may have to order items if out but they have them in the next day. Have never tried the Coffee yet but maybe Tomorrow I will when I stop by. –Bill W., Asheville, NC

You guys have been handling me and my family’s prescriptions for a while now and I want to let you know that you guys have been doing an outstanding job. Everyone I talk to and have dealt with have been very professional and kind. I always talk to Amanda on the phone and she always is a pleasure to talk with. She always goes above and beyond to make sure I get my medication when I need it. And your driver Jimmy is always very kind and accommodating. I want to let you know I appreciate your level of service! –Denise M., Asheville, NC

Hands down the best pharmacy that I have ever done business with. These fine people are the real deal in customer service.  They also offer deliveries. 
–Jon X., Asheville, NC